Mum Dog Begs For Food And Takes It Back To Her Babies

Dog takes food from stranger. ViralHog

This is the heartbreaking and heartwarming moment a dog on the streets of Bangkok begs a stranger for food.

The ravenous and starving dog was given some meat on a stick by a kindhearted stranger but then amazingly, the dog did not devour the meat but instead ran off with it, taking it back to her puppies, and allowing them to feast on it instead.

In the adorable footage, the dog is seen happily taking the meat and running off through a market as the kind stranger follows the dog as it scampers along, before eventually reaching a garage.

Four puppies then burst out of the garage building and start tucking into the meaty stick their mother has brought home.

After one particularly hungry young pup sprints off with the food, the other dogs run up to the man as if to thank him for his kind deed.

Another rather heartwarming dog related story is that of this proud mum who peculiarly gave birth to a load of pups resembling… well… cows.

They favor their Father we are assuming… #rescuepups

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A golden retriever mix, who was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, was taken in by Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue. A pair of experienced fosters offered her a temporary home.

Katie and John Black have been fostering over 20 dogs just short of a decade, and were fully prepared to take on the responsibility of helping Rosie take care of her imminent family.

Katie posted a picture of the new mother and her weans and said:

Not quite what we were expecting. Our foster dog and Golden mix gave birth yesterday. To baby ‘cows’.

They're all milk drunk. ❤️?#rescuepups #mamabear

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The four black and white spotted puppies are named Daisy, Betsy, Clarabelle, and Moo. Typical cow names.

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