Mum Finds Boy In Daughter’s Room At 2.30am, Posts Huge Rant On Her Snapchat

by : Julia Banim on : 09 Nov 2018 19:03
Mum launches furious rant on Snapchat.Mum launches furious rant on Snapchat.@antoniajoy_/Twitter

As a teenager, you imagine your mum is just out to spoil your fun and your ‘love life’, but once you grow up you realise how wise and awesome she really is.


As someone who wasted precious A level study time ugly-crying over human pond life, I am fully prepared for my future kids to loathe me when I inevitably interrogate any aimless losers who dare cross my threshold.

And I think I may have found my future role model in the form of one American mum who was understandably not mad keen with her 16-year-old daughter bringing a 20-year-old lad home at 2:30am.

Now, bear in mind the age of consent in the US is 18 not 16, and you will get some idea of just how livid this mother was.


Taking to her daughter’s Snapchat after discovering a secret phone her older boyfriend had apparently bought her, the enraged mum delivered a barbed warning to her daughter’s friends:

Hey, everybody who’s on ****’s new Snap, and covering for her! Guess what? Mmm-hmm. At 2:30 this morning, I found ***** in her f*cking closet!

So unless each of you motherf*ckers want me to come after y’all and go to your parents and tell them the sh*t that y’all are doing, you better back the f*ck off. Do you understand? ‘Kay?

My kid’s not going down. She’s not going to be found dead in a ditch. She’s not going to be on f*cking drugs like half of y’all are. I’m f*cking over it.

So if I have to go to the school and call y’all out name by name, if I have to go wherever and call you out, I will. Okay?

As furious as this mum was with her kid’s mates, this was nothing compared to the vitriol she had saved up for the closet dwelling older boyfriend in question.

With the tone of a woman breathing pure sulphur, the mum raged:

The 20-year-old who’s f*cking my kid. She’s 16, you sick motherf*cker! That’s a felony charge. A felony charge you’re fixing to keep.


The protective mum’s rant quickly went viral after being shared on Twitter by a person who appears to be a pal of the boyfriend.

Along with two skull emojis, the friend wrote:

Y’all my friend got caught sneaking into his girls house and his gf’s mom posted this on her snap story..

Reactions ranged from approval to amusement, with many people admiring the mama bear’s proactive – if intense – attitude.

One person praised:

This mom… is a damn good mom! Anybody who thinks this is wrong IS what’s wrong with society! This is what parenting is… you f*ck with someone’s kid you better get ready for some consequences!

Another applauded:

A little rough around the edges. But mama’s heart and intentions are one hundred per cent spot on. How many ruined adults wish their mom would’ve intervened like this before their mistakes got irreparable?


Boyfriends who buy you burner phones when you are 16 are rarely a good catch, and this teen will perhaps one day be super grateful for her mother’s interfering ways.

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