Mum Pranks Son By Convincing Him His Uncle’s Eye Has Fallen Out


Let’s not beat around the bush here: kids are stupid. Every few decades one of them might turn out to be a Mozart or chess prodigy but on the whole they let us down.

Sure that’s a pretty controversial statement to make, and something that may have been subject to scrutiny in the 1950s, but right here in YouTube world, it’s essentially impossible to refute.

Remember last month when a video of some kid crying after his mum and sister made out as if he was missing from a photo that had already been taken beforehand went viral? Classic bants and also a very damning indictment of a child’s critical thinking.

Had the kid stopped for a short moment to assess how legit a concept it was for him to be invisible, the clip wouldn’t have banged on social media, save maybe for a backfire angle like ‘Mom Tries To Prank Her Loser Kid And It Totally Goes To Sh*t!’

Full disclosure: I was part of the problem. I’m not gonna front like I wasn’t the target of fibs and practical jokes. As a young lad, my dad once told me the small hole-like dent in his torso (not bellybutton but basically a second bellybutton) was a gunshot wound he’d suffered in a shootout and I bought it until the age of 13 when he said it was the fallout of a spleen removal he’d got in his twenties.

I didn’t question a word of it, even though it was littered with ambiguity and inaccuracies. For one, my dad didn’t own a gun nor did I ever see him with one. Second, he laughed whenever he told me which only draws two conclusions: he’s either a liar or a psychopath (potentially both). Third, under what circumstances would a food transport manager living in West Yorkshire find himself in a Spaghetti Western standoff?

Anyhow, many and various are the examples of kids doing stupid stuff, a rabbit hole I simply don’t have time to go over here, so just watch this new one:

Here we have a lad being pranked into believing his uncle’s eye has popped out of his face. In 22 short seconds, we see the sorry sight of a kid who has never had the fortune of going to one of those novelty practical joke shops you find at seaside towns (don’t fact check me on this at all; there used to be one in Whitby where you could buy fake poo and cigarettes).

As a result, he can’t distinguish a gimmicky fake eye from the real deal, and that’s something we can all laugh at, isn’t it?

Disclaimer: although it may come across as though I despise kids in this article, I don’t. I don’t want any of you having me down as you know… dodgy. Been there, done that, got the picture! I’m talking about being accused, not being a nonce. Well, I’m not. It’s all a joke. Trust me. Don’t take me seriously. Wait!

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