Mum Ties Screaming Son To Handrail After Dad Misses £114 Child Support Payment


A mother left her young son tied to handrails after her ex-husband allegedly missed a £114 child support payment, causing the boy to soil himself from the trauma.

The incident, which took place in China, was photographed by the mother before she sent images of the screaming boy to her ex-husband demanding the money.

The father lives a four-hour drive away and had to send the photographs to the child’s grandparents who spent almost 20 minutes freeing their panicked grandson.


The father said:

Since July – until my ex tied up our second son in the stairwell – I had already given her 13,200 Yuan (£1,515).

The reason she did that was because on the day of the incident I gave her 1,000 Yuan (£114) instead of 2,000 (£228).

The shocking incident took place in Leiyang city, south China’s Hunan Province, and the images had been circulation on Chinese social media app WeChat.

Reports claim that the boy’s parents divorced in early 2016 and that they have two sons. The elder son lives with the mother and the younger stays with the father.

Since July however, the father requested that his ex-wife would look after their youngest for one semester on the condition he would pay her 2,000 yuan (£228) for child support every month.


Reports also say that the man had paid 5,700 yuan (£653) to his ex-wife to cover the tuition fees for their elder son.

On November 5, the furious mother allegedly received £114 instead of the promised £228 from her ex.

She took her rage out on her son, tying him to the stairwell of the building they live in.

His parents had to rescue the young boy, who was described as being in a ‘horrified’ and ‘desperate’ state when he was rescued.


Sounds like there will be some custody issues as well as CSA after this Gone Girl-esque incident.