Mum Transforms Baby Into Zombie For Daddy-Daughter Halloween Shoot

by : Julia Banim on : 30 Oct 2019 17:25
Mum Transforms Baby Into Zombie For Daddy-Daughter Halloween ShootMum Transforms Baby Into Zombie For Daddy-Daughter Halloween ShootTiffany Renfroe

Family photoshoots usually involve big, toothy grins and neatly-brushed hair; all freshly pressed shirts and flattering lighting.


It’s rare such shoots involve guts spilling from open wounds and undead toddlers tottering about in search of human flesh. And rarer still do shoots end with Michael Myers rocking up to carry off said cannibalistic child into the woods.

However, this is the gristly premise behind one daddy-daughter photoshoot, with the resulting images looking more like stills from a horror movie than sunny memories to pop in a baby book. And – if you’re anything like me – you’re going to love them.

zombie photoshootzombie photoshootTiffany Renfroe

Photographer and labour and delivery nurse Tiffany Renfroe, of Dothan, Alabama, has a gift for creating poignant pictures that reflect precious moments in a person’s life.


From newborns to newlyweds, mum-of-three Tiffany has snapped them all, using her keen eye to capture a new gummy grin or a shared look of mutual adoration between an engaged couple.

Mum Transforms Baby Into Zombie For Daddy Daughter Halloween ShootMum Transforms Baby Into Zombie For Daddy Daughter Halloween ShootTiffany Renfroe

Therefore it would have come as no surprise to those who’ve worked with Tiffany when she opted for a ‘mommy-daughter’ photoshoot with her own baby – 11-month-old Oakley – during a family trip to Oregon. However, what came next was a little more unexpected.

Tiffany’s husband, Daniel, was apparently ‘margarita rim salty’ about still waiting for his own parent-child photoshoot. And Tiffany knew no ordinary shoot would do.

zombie photoshootzombie photoshootTiffany Renfroe

An enthusiastic horror buff with his very own Michael Myers mask, Daniel loves bingeing classic horror movies and episodes of The Walking Dead with their eldest daughter Kaiden, 10.

Sharing the gruesome pictures on social media, Tiffany wrote:

No babies were scared in this process, our children are used to the mask (Daddy wears it to bed practically), they are used to dressing up, and Oakley is no different, although she is intrigued by everything she is not scared. If anything, she was mad I wouldn’t give her all the gut goodies.


Speaking to Bored Panda, the horror-enthusiast revealed it had taken a full two hours to dress her family up in zombie-esque make up.

Mum Transforms Baby Into Zombie For Daddy Daughter Halloween ShootMum Transforms Baby Into Zombie For Daddy Daughter Halloween ShootTiffany Renfroe

Tiffany explained:

I would do some of Daniel’s, then smudge a little on her, do a little more of his and smudge again on hers, brushes on him, brushes on her, she was even attempting to help with the makeup brushes.

Her sister would tickle her with the ‘dirt brush’. It was a game for her. About a two-hour game. It took patience but was fun. There was no getting her to stay still like many online people have wondered how I did, I worked in her world and made it fun, you know, the tricks moms know how to pull when they need or want things done.

Tiffany says she’s been humbled by the support she’s received for her spooky artwork.

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