Mum Who Got Free Food Shop After Complaining Gives It All To Food Bank

Gylisa Jayne/Facebook

A kind mum who wrote a tongue-in-cheek complaint to Aldi has donated the free food shop she was given to a local food bank.

25-year-old blogger Gylisa Jayne, who is known on Facebook and to her 33,000 followers as ‘rockandrollmother‘ normally just posts about motherhood and what it is like bringing up her two-year-old daughter Lily.

However, one day when Gylisa picked up a four-pack of juice smoothies in Aldi to only discover that there were only three in the pack, she wrote a rather funny complaint on her blog directed at the supermarket.

Dearest Aldi UK, It is I, a loyal(ish) customer. Forgive me, for not just messaging you, but I have encountered a…

Posted by Gylisa Jayne – Blog on Friday, 3 November 2017

The full-time mum from Cornwall wrote:

Imagine the confusion when upon promising the devil-spawn a juice after the park, I cracked open my four-pack box of juice smoothies to discover I have been pied – and there is only three.

Now I may have lied on every CV I have ever handed in and claimed to have a B in maths, when it was actually a ‘Hoped For The Best E’.

But there was deffo only three in the box. Not one, nor two. But three ist thee number to which I counted. No more, no less. Three was the amount in the box.

Not four, like promised, and certainly not five, that’s right out. But three is the number to which I count.

So dearest Aldi, please can you tell me why you have pied me so?

Gylisa’s funny complaint certainly got the attention of Aldi who not only apologised but also offered the mum a £50 food shop in compensation.

Gylisa Jayne/Facebook

Having relied on food banks during her childhood, Gylisa saw this as a way to give back and decided to donate her food shop to one.

Writing on her Facebook blog, Gylisa said:

Who couldn’t do with a free food shop right? Only it felt a bit like when those well off folks win the lottery….

Years ago – my family had to use a food bank… nothing like getting one of those boxes through to get you scribbling off your rather optimistic Christmas list… Eh kids?

But it was a god send – chocolate, peanuts, shampoo and conditioner, food staples, even the fancy loo roll! The FANCY LOO ROLL.

I swore then that I’d repay the karma one day, when I could.

And then this happened, and it was too much of a coincidence to not take note of.

Along with her partner Ryan and daughter Lily, Gylisa did a full food shop and also brought some Christmas bits to add some festive cheer.

Because Aldi UK are the best supermarket around, they did get back to me about the juice box fiasco, and offered me a…

Posted by Gylisa Jayne – Blog on Monday, 18 December 2017

She added:

We bought cereal, long life milk, shampoo and conditioner, long life orange juice, biscuits, crackers, stewing mince, loo roll, and a few other bits – there was a list of what they have shortages of on the website, and what they have plenty of – so we followed that!

Also we got a few sweet treats (chocolate reindeers etc).

So thank you Aldi, for giving me the chance to pay it forward. And thanks to food banks, for feeding my family when we needed it years ago, and for continuing to feed people in their time of need.

It’s the last week before Christmas, and there’s no better time to do some good – if you can.

Gylisa ended her post with a call out to others to help their local food banks by donating.

Gylisa Jayne/Facebook

She clearly did inspire others as Liskeard and Looe food bank said that Monday was the busiest day they have ever had for donations.

With pressure piling on as the demand increases just before Christmas, the food bank was overwhelmed to see a tone of food donated on just a single day.

Manager David Berry said:

We’ve been inundated. It’s all going out as quickly as it’s coming in.

We don’t normally have a spike before Christmas but this year it’s going through the roof and there’s no particular rhyme or reason.

If we get a spike in demand, we will always have seen a spike in donations too. It is quite amazing. It’s a little Christmas miracle.

Good work Gylisa! There is nothing like some kind-hearted generosity at Christmas!