Muslim Comedian Sat Next To Eric Trump On A Plane, This Is What Happened


A Muslim comedian who sat next to Eric Trump, the President-elect’s son, on a plane ride has revealed exactly what they spoke about during the awkward flight. 

Mohammed ‘Mo’ Amer was flying from Newark, New Jersey to Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday night when he discovered he’d be sitting next to Donald’s second son Eric Trump.

Realising the opportunity in front of him the comedian questioned Eric on his father’s outspoken views on Muslims and his alleged plans to start a Muslim registry -which may force people like Mo to carry an identification card.


Posting on Facebook,  Mo wrote: 

Hey guys heading to Scotland to start the U.K. Tour and I am “randomly” chosen to sit next to none other than Eric Trump. Good news guys Muslims will not have to check in and get IDs. That’s what I was told.

In an interview with BuzzfeedAmer admitted that he didn’t think what was happening was real when he realised he was sitting next to Eric, joking that it was a gift from ‘Allah’.

For his part Eric defended his father saying: ‘He’s a good man. He’s a good good man. He’s really really good. Just beautiful. He’s really really great.’ 


During the six hour flight the two also spoke about Hilary Clinton, apparently she’s ‘crooked and unlikable’, as well as Donald Trump’s stunning presidential victory.

Amer explained;

He basically acknowledged the fact that his father played this thing like a mad genius and that’s how he got elected and he admitted it.

Ultimately Mo thought that Eric was a nice enough guy but that he was unaware of the realities of the world saying he seemed disconnected from the reality of race attacks and violence.

He added that he felt everything seemed like a game to the Trump family and that they had no regrets for the tactics they used to win.

Sounds about right…