Mysterious Piece Of Metal Dropped By Hillary Clinton Sparks Strange Conspiracies


Conspiracy theorists have whipped themselves up into a colossal fury over U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton dropping a mystery piece of metal.

The video of Hillary dropping the metal was filmed as she was escorted out of yesterday’s 9/11 anniversary ceremony early, after she began to feel unwell and was spotted leaving visibly unsteady and faint, The Daily Star reports.

Despite some people worrying for her health and indeed her fitness to stand for president of the U.S, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists were far more concerned over a small piece of metal that appeared to fall off Hillary.


Donald Trump’s supporters immediately pounced on the opportunity, claiming this was proof that Hillary was wearing a leg brace, and that a section of it had fallen off.

Others suggested that the would-be president was suffering a whole host of other medical maladies and that the metal object was a diazepam pen or part of a catheter.

While these theories may sound absurd, others escalated things even further by claiming that the politician is a robot, because in for a crazy penny in for a crazy pound.

15th Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks Commemorated At World Trade Center Memorial SiteGetty

Also the robot theory kind of contradicts their other theory that she coughed up alien eggs earlier in the week but I’m not an expert in bullshit so this may be a thing robots can do?

Thankfully, someone who was actually there, and therefore far more qualified to talk about this than people studying shaky YouTube footage, had a more reasonable explanation.


Fox News explained how a law enforcement source at the scene, told them that the mysterious piece of metal was an arm from her glasses.

Meanwhile, Dr Lisa Bardack who examined Clinton last night, confirmed she has pneumonia but is recovering nicely.

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