New Coffee Machine Hack Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Jun 2021 18:28

While most viral ‘hacks’ aim to make your life better or easier in some way, a video featuring a new way to use coffee machines has not impressed viewers. 

Coffee is serious business for those who drink it regularly, with fans of the beverage often having specific blends, ratios and flavours that have the power to make or break their morning.


Many people invest in coffee machines to help ensure they get perfect coffee every time, and after one internet user shared a new way of using the machine, TikTok user Min decided to give it a try.

Check it out below:


Min, who regularly shares videos about food and drinks, explained that she’d seen someone fill their coffee machine with milk instead of water, presumably to try and create a milkier beverage, and wanted to give it a try.


After filling up the dedicated tray and putting the ‘hack’ to the test, Min announced her verdict and said the drink was ‘way more bitter than normal’.

In a comment, she later added that she actually ran out of milk halfway through the experiment and had to refill it, saying, ‘not sure if that messed w the process or smtg [sic]’.

TikToker puts milk in coffee machine (@good.food.gang/TikTok)@good.food.gang/TikTok

Still, it’s best that Min learned from her unpleasant experience and doesn’t attempt to use milk again, because the video prompted many TikTok users to issue a warning about the hack.


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As it turns out, putting milk in your coffee machine could risk creating a lot of mould, and even breaking the machine altogether.

One person commented, ‘You really should not do this, tubes inside will have molds and the machine won’t last longer.’

Another agreed, writing, ‘Rip your coffee machine. There’s gonna be mold in there by tomorrow.’

Coffee made with milk in machine (@good.food.gang/TikTok)@good.food.gang/TikTok

One person drew upon their own unfortunate experience, writing, ‘Oh yeah I’ve done this too and my coffee machine became rotten’.

After reading the warnings, Min took the advice of other TikTokers and ran a diluted solution of vinegar through the machine a few times, before running water through it to help ensure it didn’t break.

Based on the fact that it could ruin a very expensive piece of machinery, this life hack is probably one we can live without. When it comes to putting milk in your coffee, it’s best to stick to the tried and trusted method of just adding it from the carton.

Featured image credit: good.food.gang/TikTok


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