New TV Footage Of Bam Margera Shows Him At Incredibly Low Point


Back in 2002, Bam Margera had the world at his feet. After becoming one of the biggest stars on Jackass he’d acquired his own TV show, had bought a mansion and drove a red Ferrari.

The pro skater from Pennsylvania had made it, and he was only 23-years-old.

Viva La Bam turned out to be a massive success over the three years it ran – between 2003 and 2006 – and he quickly established himself as one of America’s hottest reality TV personalities.

But what most people didn’t see on the screen was his well-documented drinking and drug-taking.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.12.39Dickhouse

Fast-forward four years, and with three massively successful Jackass movies on his record, Bam was one of the most well-known professional skaters on the planet – but on June 20, 2011, his world fell apart.

The untimely death of fellow Jackass star and best friend Ryan Dunn hit Margera hard. While already a big drinker and drug taker he fell into a downward spiral behind closed doors. And his part in TV show Family Therapy, which recently aired on VH1, shows just how far he sank.

As a long-time fan of Jackass, Bam and the rest of the Dickhouse crew, the footage is difficult to watch. It’s morbid and raw, and Bam appears to be under the influence in the beginning episodes.

Whether a TV show is what he needed during this worrying time is yet to be justified, but if the world seeing him in his current state is what it will take for him to turn things around, then I can support it.

You can watch Bam’s first two parts below.

One thing is for sure, though. If Bam needs any extra help getting sober, he should turn to long-time friend and one of the most infamous members of Jackass, Steve-O, who has seriously turned his life around in recent years.

Good luck, Bam. We really hope you can turn things around!