New Video Proves Remi Gaillard May Be The Last Person Doing Genuinely Funny Pranks


Remi Gaillard might just be one of the last guys on the internet who’s doing real prank videos and his latest one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

In the clip, Gaillard prays on people’s kindness as makes people think he’s blind in the worst situations possible.


At first, he’s driving about with his white cane sticking out the window and veering onto the pavement and roundabout.

Then in another scene he’s seen walking the wrong way up an escalator. People try to stop and help him, but he’s having none of it as he stays in the same spot. Eventually they manage to pull him away.


He then decides to have a walk about, on a busy roundabout of all places. After nearly being run down on a couple of occasions, he’s finally escorted away by one of the drivers.

YouTube users were very mixed in their response to the prankster, with some praising the video for not being faked or contrived, like many these days.


One user said: “The only prankster on YouTube that doesn’t fake his videos. I have so much respect for this guy!” While another added: “AND THIS MY FRIENDS, Is how you do real pranks, no need to fake bombs or sexual harass anyone…”

While another thought it may have been a bit insulting to blind people, saying: “This must be very offensive when a blind dude watches this.”


Either way, it’s just nice to finally see a prank which doesn’t call itself a bullshit ‘social experiment’.