New York Apartment Layout Is Making People Feel Sea Sick

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 13 Aug 2021 16:32
New York Apartment Layout Is Making People Feel Sea Sick@rent_ny/Instagram/Pixabay

A video of a New York apartment has gone viral on TikTok for making users feel sick due to its bizarre layout.

TikTok user @rentnewyork posted the video showing followers around the oddly shaped flat two days ago.


The post shows the tour guide going down the apartment’s hallway, before weaving around its sharply angled corners to show followers the flat’s bizarrely shaped rooms.

TikTok @rentnewyorkTikTok @rentnewyork

The flat is adorned with strangely shaped, harsh corners and jutting out parts of the wall.

In the comments, the video creator added that the property is located in Washington Heights, ’32 minutes to Midtown’ and costs $2,950.


Check it out below:

The user joked: ‘Tell me you can’t make a good layout, without telling me’, before writing their ‘head is hurting’ from filming the video of the flat.


The video has amassed over 8 million views, 1.2 million likes and 51,900 comments, with users flocking to the comments to express their confusion and unease at the layout of the apartment. One said: ‘Can you image trying to get furniture moved in there?? I just hear ross saying PIVOT!!!!’

Another commented: 

‘Where’s the bathroom?’ ‘Fifth corner on the left, if you get to the room with 10 walls, you’ve gone too far, make a right and start over’.

A third wrote: ‘Someone said they wanted ‘a cute apartment’ and the designer heard ‘acute apartment.’

TikTok @rentnewyorkTikTok @rentnewyork

Other followers noted how the twisting and turning of the video as the user made their way through the intricate apartment left them feeling ‘nauseated’ and ‘nervous’.

It may be in the heights, but it’s the apartment’s maze-like interior that is sending the internet’s head spinning.

While it may be unique and a mathematician’s dream house, I can’t imagine the apartment being a top choice for many.


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