Neymar Destroyed By Fans For His Ridiculous Diving In The World Cup


Neymar may be worth more money than some of the countries he’s played against in the 2018 World Cup, but it doesn’t mean he has the respect of viewers across the world. 

Quite the opposite, in fact. Unless you’re Neymar, or his mum, chances are, you probably hate him with every fibre of your being.

In case you missed it, the Brazilian striker gave on Oscar-worthy performance against Mexico in their last-16 clash.

Absolutely nobody was impressed, not least Alan Shearer.

Neymar divingPA

He said during the BBC post-match analysis:

It’s absolutely pathetic. There’s no doubting the ability of him. We saw it with the back heel, then the finish and then setting up for the second goal, he’s a magnificent player.

But it really is pathetic when he’s rolling around as if he’s in agony. Why does he feel he needs to do that?

I think it’s been a magnificent tournament but the one downside has been seeing players feign injury and running to the referees and trying to get other players sent off.

As is custom these days, his antics were memed to the high heavens:


Interviewed prior to the tournament, he spoke highly of others though, telling Red Bull:

There are lots of quality players. It’s the World Cup we’re talking about – only the best [players] in the whole world. But Coutinho and Jesus are players that, for me, can have a big impact. I hope they do.

Salah’s not in a high-profile national team, but I think he can have a good World Cup. And there are other top-class players: Hazard, De Bruyne, Suarez.

I hope that all these players shine and that it’s a wonderful World Cup, but that they don’t do anything against Brazil. I’m very satisfied to be part of a team that, in my view, is the strongest. We have the quality to win it.

Neymar falling overPA

He continued:

The difference is hard to explain, but I think I’m more experienced, more wise – more ‘cascudo’ as we say in Brazil. This is because I’ve had many experiences.

I participated in a World Cup where we lost and I think I’ll be more prepared for the next one; because I know what it’s like to be in a World Cup, I can be better prepared. So the Neymar in 2018 is better than the Neymar in 2014.

I think the best-known teams are the favourites, as always. Among them are Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina… These teams will be the highlights in any [tournament]. And for the surprise… I think Belgium has an excellent team and can be a surprise in this cup.

What a load of rubbish that is. Highlights? Fair play on giving props to Belgium though, I reckon they’ll probably make it to the final.

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