Nigel Farage’s Latest Tweet Has Everybody Making The Same Joke

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Nigel Farage's Latest Tweet Has Everybody Making The Same JokeNigel Farage/Twitter/PA

Nigel Farage has caused a stir on the internet and once again people are making jokes at his expense. 

For many years, Nigel Farage has been a controversial figure. The right-wing political commentator caused a stir with his Brexit plans, promising significant sums to the NHS but never delivering. He also has a history of attacking centrist and leftist policies with some questionable logic.


One movement that has been a key talking point for Farage is Black Lives Matter. Farage has taken issue with the concept as a whole and has also attacked football players who take the knee before games to spread awareness for the movement.

Nonetheless, Farage has seemingly taken a similar stance to those he once branded ‘Marxist’.

Farage recently uploaded a photo to Twitter which he was ‘taking the knee’ next to his dog, and a lot of people have been keen to joke that he now supports BLM or has become a Marxist. The real sting of this joke is the fact that Farage has encouraged fans to boo players who take the knee for racial equality.


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This isn’t the first time Farage has stood for something before seemingly backtracking or unwittingly taking an action that weakens his point. In fact, the former UKIP leader and member of the European Parliament tweeted that he would simply move to a different country if Brexit was a disaster – a statement that runs contrary to the significantly improved UK he promised voters.


It seems that Farage taking the knee is just an accident, but it will undoubtedly go on the long list of humorous missteps taken by the political commentator.

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