No One Can Complete This Train Route Puzzle

Heathrow Express

Fancy yourself a bit of a puzzle-fiend? Probably not because I think it’s the first time anyone’s ever said the term ‘puzzle-fiend’ in the history of modern civilisation.

I’m only joking people – who doesn’t love a good visual test?

Well, this frenetic puzzle will have you really scratching your heads!

The image in question features a mishmash of long and winding train routes, but just one will take you to the airport.

Getting on the right track won’t be easy, and take note – there are some routes which lead nowhere:

The puzzle was created by Heathrow Express, whose spokesman said:

This brainteaser could have you pondering for quite a while.

You might even find it takes you longer than the 15 minutes it takes our services to get from London to Heathrow.

Not got it yet? Check this out:

Heathrow Express

Another puzzle – dreamed up by Airport Parking and Hotels – shows a bustling air traffic scene, with various planes shooting off on their flight paths.

One rebel plane is flying in the opposite direction to all the others and – channelling your inner air traffic controller – this is the one you have to find.

This may sound simple enough, however, this task is by no means easy and you’re going to need to harness all your problem solving abilities to get this puzzle off the ground.

Take a look at the scene below and see if you can spot the rogue plane:


Head in a spin? Maybe just rest your eyes for a moment and go and look at some baby polar bears frolicking in the snow on the world wide web, then you can go back to trying to muddle your way out of this decidedly less cute and cuddly brainteaser.

Now, it may at first seem the mysterious plane doesn’tt exist at all, but don’t let this initial difficulty drive you to conspiracy theories.

With a bit of patience and perseverance, you’ll soon find your brain clouds parting to reveal a logical answer shining through:


Completing a puzzle on a regular basis can bring numerous benefits for your health and well-being; enhancing your memory, concentration and creativity levels.

In the long-term, puzzles can even help you ward off conditions such as dementia.

Many doctors recommend doing them to help improve your mental health – a much more ideal activity before bedtime than just scrolling through your Facebook feed for the zillionth time.

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