No One Can Spot The Deadly Snake Hiding In This Photo

by : UNILAD on : 26 Mar 2017 18:38

Absolutely no-one can spot this snake in the grass and the anticipation of where it might be lurking is driving everyone mental. 


There’s nothing more frustrating than a viral image doing the rounds where no-one can fathom what the fuck is going on and, that’s exactly what this is.

Twitter user known as ‘Helen,’ shared this bizarre picture of what looks like a pile of leaves on a forest floor, but apparently there is a snake lurking somewhere around in there…


And what’s even scarier, it is of the venomous variety.


The unnerving snap was originally taken by Jerry Davis ‘somewhere’ in Texas, but has since made it’s way onto Twitter before going viral.

Obviously people were horrified as they stared blankly at their screens in a desperate attempt to pinpoint the slithery creature…


Helen tweeted the pic with the caption:

Can you spot the snake?

Then it all kicked off, earning itself over 20,000 likes and shared nearly 5,000 times on the social media platform alone.

Chloe seemed to have it right when she replied saying what we’re all thinking:


I’m just staring at a pile of leaves aren’t I?

Helen – who is a Ph.D student at the Florida Institute of Technology – took the opportunity to share some of her knowledge about snake handling and what to do if bitten.

Finally, after leaving us all to sweat for way too long, she drew a shape around where the sly snake was lurking, although frankly I’m still none-the-wiser.


If you stare long enough, you can just about pick put its camouflaged body – just.

Right that’s me never going camping again then…

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  1. Twitter/SssnakeySci

    Received this from a fellow HERper this morning. No caption needed, the task was implied: "can you spot the snake?"