No One Noticed Something Freaky About Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ Until Now


People have spotted something hauntingly familiar about Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You and once you hear it, it changes everything…

Apparently, Ed’s army of fans have taken to Twitter to exclaim Ed’s latest single is actually uncannily similar to a song from a nineties girl band.

Fans are saying Ed’s first release from his new album, Divide, actually sounds like TLC’s No Scrubs, which at first, I wasn’t entirely convinced of…

Have a listen to TLC’s No Scrubs first:

On a second listen though, the chorus does sound a bit like the hit nineties single, which means once it’s lodged into your head, there’s no unlodging it.

To demonstrate, Sabrina Carpenter did a version and the similarities are even clearer here, so much so, even Ed himself is inclined to agree.

This fans theory has obviously been taken so seriously, the credits have even been amended on the ASCAP database, to credit Kandi Buruss, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and producer Kevin Briggs on Shape of You. 

Now check out Ed’s Shape Of You:

All of these were behind the retro smash and their names now appear next to Ed Sheeran’s, Steve Mac and Johnny McDaid who are responsible for Ed’s new single.

Tiny and Kandi were so pleased to have some recognition for influencing Ed’s song in some way, they’ve shared the update on social media.

Although Ed hasn’t officially commented on the updated credits, it’s pretty clear to see he’s a fan of the girl band’s smash-hit.

Once you hear it though, you may never be able to unhear it…