North Carolina Woman Farts In Boyfriend’s Face While Attempting TikTok Challenge



A couple’s attempt to recreate a TikTok challenge went hilariously wrong after she ended up farting in his face.

19-year-old Kendra Colwell and 21-year-old Joe Sliwoski had been hanging out at their home in Mooresville, North Carolina, when they decided to try out a complicated fartwheel – sorry, cartwheel – challenge they’d seen on TikTok.


The tricky challenge involves performing a semi-windmilling move, where one person holds the other upside down while they jump from one side to the other. Needless to say, it requires a fair bit of upper body strength and a lot of mutual trust.

Fart face@kendracolwell2/Caters

Of course, whenever one person’s bottom is in the vicinity of another person’s face, there is always the danger of unexpectedly explosive consequences. And this is something Joe found out the hard way.

As Joe twirled an upside-down Kendra in the air, she managed to time a colossal fart with the exact moment her bum passed in front of his face.


Somehow, a visibly repulsed Joe was still able to hold on to Kendra until she was back on firm ground – a feat the more gag-inclined of us wouldn’t be able to pull off.

Kendra could be seen unable to contain her laughter as she dashed away from a horrified Joe, who has fortunately since seen the funny side. The sign of a solid relationship in my opinion.

TikTok challenge@kendracolwell2/Caters

Kendra said:


At first he was shocked and thought it was gross, but later on found it very funny after watching the video.

The video has since gone viral, causing great amusement online as well as a fair amount of admiration for Joe for not immediately dropping Kendra on her head.

One person guffawed :

Lmao damnnn he ate that.


Another chuckled:


TikTok challenge@kendracolwell2/Caters

In 2018, marriage and family therapist Gary Brown told the Huffington Post how dropping a stinker in front of your beloved can actually be a positive sign:


It’s a healthy sign that you are comfortable enough with each other to [pass gas].

[…] This couple is probably having great sex because they are comfortable with their bodies and what they do and are more likely to enjoy different types of stimulation and play with less inhibition, fears and insecurities.

According to a survey by From Mars, it takes women nine months to feel comfortable enough to fart in front of their partner, while it takes men eight months.

Both genders reckon eight months is an appropriate amount of time before their partner passes the gas in front of them.

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