North Korea Is Changing Its Timezone Due To ‘Wicked Japanese Imperialists’

by : UNILAD on : 07 Aug 2015 13:18


Kim Jong-Un is putting North Korea’s clocks back by half an hour. Obviously.


Next Saturday, the country will be putting it’s clocks back by 30 minutes, because the ruler claims that Korea’s standard time was changed during occupation by ‘wicked Japanese imperialists’. I don’t think that’s quite how it works…

Compared to GMT, North Korea is currently 9 hours ahead, and shares it’s time-zone with South Korea and Japan.


You might think that it’s best just to leave them to it, but there will be problems as a result.


It’s only going to antagonise tensions between north and south, as North Korea’s Kaesong industrial plant is ran by both countries.

The announcement comes after the 62nd anniversary of the Korean war, where Kim Jong-Un declared North Korea to be a threat to America.

Technically, the country is still at war with the U.S. and the leader said that if they tried to wage war, they would ‘leave no American alive’.

He said:

Gone forever is the era when the United States blackmailed us with nukes; now the United States is no longer a source of threat and fear for us and we are the very source of fear for it.

Fair enough, I guess. Who are we to argue?!

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    Kim Jong-Un turns North Korea's clocks back by 30 minutes in new time zone switch