It’s Been Four Days And North Koreans Still Don’t Know Who Won The U.S Election


The one piece of news that has rocked the planet and completely dominated media everywhere since Thursday is the election of Donald Trump as the 45th American President.

But not for everyone – North Korea has outdone itself with the whole extreme surveillance thing as its citizens have still not been told of Trump’s victory, the Independent reports.

BBC reporter Chris Greenway, who is currently in the secretive country, reported that the state media have not told the public.

It took them three days to announce Obama’s victory in 20o8 when they described him as just ’47-year-old black Barack Hussein Obama’.

North Korea, run by dictator Kim Jong-Un, is carefully surveilled and there are extremely tight restrictions on what its citizens can view.


People can only receive information that has been filtered by the state.

Perhaps they don’t know how best to describe Trump in four words… there are just so many ways you could go with it.