Nude Selfie Accidentally Published On Russian Army Instagram

by : UNILAD on : 25 Jul 2018 18:23

The Instagram account of Russia’s defence ministry was temporarily turned into Babestation last night after a mandarin accidentally posted a nude selfie.


Although quickly removed from their story, it sparked a debate around the identity of the woman.

Certain social media users believed it be military spokeswoman Rossiyana Markovskaya.

The cheeky image appeared briefly on the verified Mil_Ru account which usually displays Russia’s muscular military arsenal, reports The Sun.

One user wrote, ‘Whoever runs the Russian Defense Ministry’s Instagram account apparently forgot to log out before a very sexy Saturday afternoon.’


Another added, ‘Where does one sign up for this war?’

Charming! Look, all this is hearsay. I have no idea who the woman pictured on the Instagram story is. The only reason to believe it is Rossiyana Markovskaya, let’s be honest, is because she has brown hair and is Russian. Other than that, evidence is scant.

What we do know is that alleged Russian hackers are said to pose as attractive women and friending US troops on Facebook to gather information about the country’s military.

The hacks would obviously be part of a larger Russian strategy aimed at manipulating and getting the hot goss from the US military.

PutinPutinGetty UK

Russia seems to be infiltrating the social media accounts of US troops for at least two reasons, according to Politico. One is because Russian spies ‘understand that a great deal can be discerned about what militaries are up to based on the unclassified behaviour of soldiers,’ John Bambenek of Fidelis Cybersecurity said.


Two, it gives them the chance to make US troops sympathise with Russia ‘by inserting propaganda into their news feeds.’

Politico report:

Serena Moring, a former military contractor from a military family, said she first became concerned about pro-Russian sentiment among soldiers on social media last spring, when an unverified report purporting to relate the story of a Russian soldier who died heroically while fighting ISIS in Syria began circulating among American service members on social media.

Moring said she has become further alarmed as friends of hers in the military, including military intelligence, have become avowed admirers of Putin, and that she now expends considerable effort arguing about Russia on Instagram and Facebook channels geared to military audiences.

Russian missileRussian missilePA

They add:

Forming connections on social media could help foreign states directly communicate with groups of American soldiers, a tactic employed in recent conflicts by both Russia and the U.S. During the first days of the annexation of Crimea, Ukrainian soldiers were bombarded with demoralising text messages such as, “Soldier you are just a raw meat for your commanders.” Ahead of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the U.S. military emailed Iraqi soldiers en masse, encouraging them to surrender, according to Richard Clarke’s 2010 book, “Cyber War.”

Look, who knows? I’m no spy. I’m just here for a laugh and create good vibes. Don’t like that? Leave me and my buddies alone!

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