Obama’s Most Touching Moments From His Presidency


Barack Obama, America’s effortlessly cool president, has had a rollercoaster eight years in the White House.

From overseeing the raid that killed the world’s most wanted man Osama bin Laden to passing his signature healthcare and rebuilding relations with Cuba, Obama’s time in office has been triumphant, sometimes controversial, and for many reasons, historic.

The world quickly took to his ability to connect with people, and thanks to the rise of social media networks since Obama became president, people around the world have been privy to some of his best and most intimate moments in the White House.

Here are some of the most memorable moments of his time as president:

Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ after the Charleston massacre

After nine people were killed in a historic African American church in Charleston, Barack Obama led the congregation in an emotional rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ and listed off the names of each of the victims.

Does your hair feel like mine?

This little boy couldn’t believe that someone who looked like him was the president – so Obama bent down to let him touch his hair and prove it, setting the stage for one of the lasting images of his presidency.

Mic drop


Now the Internet’s favourite meme, Obama was filmed ending his eighth and final annual White House Correspondents Dinner with two words: “Obama out,” which was swiftly followed by a mic drop.

‘We got him’

Obama walked out to the presidential podium in March 2011 to make a statement that many Americans had longed to hear: That the United States had killed Osama bin Laden, the terrorist and al-Qa’eda leader who claimed responsibility for the September 11th attacks that killed 2,996 people.

It was reported by a senior administration official that while information from the operation targeting Osama bin Laden flowed into the Situation Room, Obama exclaimed: “We got him,” CBS News reports. His popularity soon soared afterwards for his decision to order the raid that claimed bin Laden’s life.


Pete Souza, the White House’s official photographer, has also captured some moments of Obama acting, well, like a human being, rather than posing for official pictures.

Here are some of the best:

October 2010. The President and First Lady wait to be introduced before a mid-term campaign rally.

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106-year-old Virginia McLaurin got to meet and do a little dance with the President and First Lady last week.

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And now, after the election polls have closed and a decision by the majority of American people has been made, following Obama’s time in office is now this guy:

Let’s hope he does as good of a job.

You’ll be missed, Obama.