Old Man ‘Caught Out’ In Background Of Live News Report

Old Man 'Caught Out' In Background Of Live News ReportSky News

As somebody who has watched a helluva lot of live news I know that 99 per cent of the time it’s as boring as watching paint dry.

However. That said, live news, and live TV in general, does give a gargantuan platform for numerous embarrassing and peculiar things to take place, while being watched and scoffed at by thousands across the globe.

This is just one of those – but by God it’s hilarious.

So the story goes that Sky News presenter Adele Robinson was reporting on a heterosexual couple’s bid to be allowed to enter into a civil partnership.

The presenter was updating viewers up home on the case outside of London’s Supreme Court yesterday lunchtime.

So far, not funny at all. But give it a watch and see just what happens after a handful of seconds.

Old Man 'Caught Out' In Background Of Live News ReportSky News

Out of nowhere an old spectacled dude with a carrier bag in his left hand strolls out in front of the live cameras.

The old man seems completely oblivious to the fact he’s now the supporting actor on a live TV show to thousands at home. In fact he almost makes it completely from stage right to left in less than three seconds.

But then something happens. I don’t know why. Maybe someone to the left of our view was telling him to stop. ‘You’re on LIVE TV STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!’

Who knows why he did it but the fact of the matter is he stops. He stops walking and takes four big steps backwards, almost like a moonwalk.

Old Man 'Caught Out' In Background Of Live News ReportSky News

Now the fun really starts as I’m guessing the loveable old guy thinks he’s out of the camera zone now. He thinks they can’t see him, that nobody’s watching anymore. But he is wrong.

And so he stands there, carrier bag in hand, clearly waiting for the heads up so that he can make his way to his next destination.

Old Man 'Caught Out' In Background Of Live News ReportSky News

Strangely enough, as he stands there for a few seconds, doing his best to avoid the cameras, he has a look of coolness about him which suggests he’s done this a million times before. With his head slightly tilted towards the floor, he waits, standing still for a handful of seconds, before he goes for it.

To be fair, on my first viewing I thought the ol’ fella was going to try and hide behind Robinson’s head – so it could’ve been more surreal.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote:

Oooh sh*t, TV camera. Best keep out of shot.

Another replied:

That was the worst Michael Jackson moonwalk impression ever.

However let’s not forget that there has been much worse 15 seconds of fame like when this guy said that his ex was hotter than his girlfriend while sitting aside the two of them. Yikes.

Yes, that’s right. While starring on a massively popular couples gameshow alongside his girlfriend, the guy, Kaio told the world his ex is better looking, in front of a live audience and an even bigger audience sitting at home across the globe. Ouch.

I bet he got a talking to later that night.

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