One Reddit User Is Buying Pizza For EVERYONE



This British lad is giving people online free pizzas… Because he got really drunk and figured itwas a good idea.

Which it totally was.

Daniel Sobey-Harker is a British Reddit user that decided to embark on a random act of kindness, and planned on buying somebody online a pizza, until it escalated.


Not entirely sure how to buy pizza for somebody in America, after drinking 9 more beers, he bought 2 Bitcoins, which meant he could buy from Papa Johns in the states.

Obviously, Daniel didn’t realise that 2 Bitcoins is actually worth $550, so rather than waste any or have anything spare, he started buying pizza for everyone!

He put a message out on Reddit, and it went from there…


One guy replied from Hawaii, saying:

I could use a pizza tonight. In Hawaii. Extra bonus for difficulty.

Daniel Replied:

Ah you fucker. Yeah I’ll give that a shot if you have a papajohns there.

Pizza hut and dominos hate me.

And sure enough, a couple of hours later…


The praise started coming in…


One lad wrote:

Oi! me and my gf are completely broke til friday and need food. havent eaten anythjng today. can def use a pie lol.

Here he is a bit later that same night…


He had a lot of grateful new friends!


Op delivers! p.s. Thank you again SobeyHarker! The Internet truly is an amazing and wonderful thing sometimes…

Daniel was a bit rough this morning, and said:

Was a bit of a rough night to say the least – really didn’t expect this to blow up as it did.

Nice on, mate!

If you happen to read this, meat feast with extra cheese please, boss!