One Student Gets So Drunk, He Gets Nail Gun Fired Through Ear


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You know how sometimes you can wake up and not really remember the night before, because you’ve had one too many?

Yeah, it’s happened to all of us at some point, but what we’ve probably not done – mainly because we have more than ten brain cells – is get so drunk we think it’s ok to have a nail gun fired through our ears.

That is what one drunk idiot allowed his friend to do, and now the video (because, of course there is a video), is doing the rounds on social media.

Said drunk guy is thought to be from Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, and has been heavily criticised and mocked online, with LiveLeak users calling him and his friend ‘a pair of jackasses’.

It was obviously an idiotic thing to do, but thankfully, the lad seems to be ok, and while his antics might come back to haunt him online, he at least seems healthy – although he might have one hell of a hangover.