Only 4% Of People Can Get This GCSE Question Right


Older people always complain exams were more difficult in their day but if these fiendish GCSE questions are anything to go by they’re wrong.

According to the Oxford Open Learning Trust only four per cent of the British public can answer this head-scratcher which appeared on an Environmental Science exam.

Think you’re smart enough to take a crack at it?

Q) Which of the following cannot be produced by selective breeding?

  1. A more uniform crop
  2. A higher yielding crop
  3. A crop with a greater environmental tolerance
  4. A crop with genes not present in its parents.

Think you got it?


Well if you thought that the answer was ‘4.’ then congratulations you managed to get it right, maybe you could pass this exam.

Over 450 people across Britain have challenged themselves to answer these difficult questions, all of which were taken from recent GCSE exams.

The selective breeding question wasn’t the only one that left people across the country baffled, this next one could only be answered  correctly by 29 per cent (less than a third) of those who tried it.

It asked…

Q) Which of the following rights is granted to people seeking asylum in the United Kingdom?

  1. To become a UK citizen straight away
  2. To be given a job
  3. To have the support of a lawyer
  4. To get a decision on their asylum application within 28 days

Despite what some people in the media would have you believe the answer is ‘3.’ Asylum seekers are given the support of a lawyer when they arrive.

If that one was a bit too difficult why not see if you can answer this Health and Social Care question which confused 64 per cent of the the people who took the test.

Here we go…

Q) Which of the following is a fine motor skill?

  1. Running
  2. Writing
  3. Skipping
  4. Watching TV

The answer is of course ‘2.’ writing! So how did you do on the three questions? I’m going to be honest I did abysmally and would probably have failed my exams if I’d had to answer a whole exams worth of them.

Ch 4

In a survey conducted by Oxford Open Learning of 1000 people from across the UK the top five modern GCSE subjects people wish they’d had the chance to take are computer Science , Law, Psychology, Business Studies and Economics.

The courses director and founder of Oxford Open Learning Trust, Dr Nick Smith, said:

Modern GCSEs are great for teaching a more vocational set of skills, but core subjects are still extremely important to overall education and job prospects.

It’s never too late to learn new skills or take another GCSE and our Would You Pass? quiz gives adults an idea of what some of the new modern GCSE exam questions are like.

And they say exams are getting easier…