Pandora Having Massive Sale And Some Items Are Just £5


It’s Easter weekend, which can only mean one thing: Pandora is having a mahoosive sale!

The high street shop is offering amazing discounts of up to 80%.

Pandora, which boasts stores across the UK, sold a piece every second in 2011.

The sale was revealed and launched online yesterday. Apparently the deals are only available on the website but they may also be some in-store reductions.

Some of the products the famous jeweller is known for are now being flogged for £5.

Others include the Geometric Lines Ring which has gone down from £70 down to a staggering £29, a Light Blue Radiant Blue Hearts of Pandora Ring, which has dropped thirty-pounds from £55 to £25, and the Elegant Beauty ring, which was also gone from £70 to £29.

The Pink Poetic Droplet Ring was £50 and is now £19 thanks to the sale, like wise for the Purple Radiant Hearts of Pandora Bangle,, which has gone from £75 to £45 and the Anniversary charm, which was £65 and is now £25.

You can find out all about it right here. Good luck everyone.