Paramedics Find Note Saying ‘Don’t Park Van In Stupid Place’ On Ambulance

by : Francesca Donovan on : 11 Nov 2017 18:35
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Paramedics were shocked to find a homeowner had left a selfish note on the windscreen of an ambulance, while paramedics desperately worked to save a critically ill man.


As Birmingham paramedics worked to save the life of a man who was vomiting blood, one of his neighbours was more concerned with the parking placement of the ambulance, outside their home in Small Heath, Birmingham.

They have since taken to Twitter to share their disappointment with the anonymous note:

The unbelievable message, written all in capitals, read:


You may be saving lives, but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive.

Outraged paramedics have since responded to the selfish message, explaining patients’ health always comes first, over the convenience of neighbours… Obviously.

The West Midlands Ambulance Service shared a photograph of the bloody scene from inside the ambulance which provided a potentially life-changing service to the man, adding the hashtag #patientscomefirst.

The official Twitter feed wrote a message saying:

Sometimes we just don’t know what to say. At the time, the crew were helping a man who was extremely unwell after vomiting a lot of blood.

Paramedic, Sam Grimson, added:


One of our crews encountered this delightful note after assisting a patient suffering a major internal bleed!

The crew were not on scene long due to how poorly the patient was.

We always try to park appropriately but sometimes it is not possible.

The unidentified patient was assessed at Heartlands Hospital. His condition was said to be critical at the time, but is unreported at the time of writing.

Other observers were outraged after the ambulance service posted pictures of the note online.

Amanda wrote on Twitter:

Some people are so selfish and don’t think about the reason as to why a crew would have to do that.

I hope they see the posting and learn to be more respectful of a service that could save their family/friends lives in the future.

A paramedic going by the handle @TacticalDave44 explained these incidents ‘happen a lot’ in that particular area of South Birmingham and blamed the selfish note on ‘a large sense of entitlement or gross naivety’.

Others, like @SurrealScoop, championed the work of dilligent paramedics, writing:

On behalf of everyone I’d just like to say that everyone thoroughly respects and is grateful for the job that and every other ambulance crew does.

They must have difficult days and should never let a petty note like that get them down.


Another West Midlands Paramedic was recently wronged by a member of the public, who broke her hand while she was on duty.

The accused has ‘escaped jail’, according to West Midlands Ambulance Service, who have now written to the Attorney General to appeal the decision.

Their video statement on the matter can be seen below:

Meanwhile, observers are left wondering when disrespectful members of the public, who no doubt will need the help of brave and diligent paramedics at some point in their lives, will learn the importance of first respondents.

Let’s hope the note doesn’t get them down.

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