Parents Regret Buying Baby Monitor After Seeing ‘Possessed Baby’

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Nov 2019 09:30
Parents Regret Buying Baby Monitor After Seeing 'Possessed Baby'@PassionPopSoc/Twitter

It’s how all great horror stories begin: with a ‘possessed’ infant on a baby monitor. 

From Paranormal Activity to Insidious, from Poltergeist to Rosemary’s Baby, modern day movie-watchers have been subjected to countless doses of domestic terror – with creepy children often being a fixture.


So when these parents had a look at their baby monitor to check on their little one, only to see the child with brightly glowing eyes, the gut reaction is: ‘Demon baby!’

Posted by Passion Pop Socialist, the tweet has racked up more than 401,000 likes and 81,000 retweets, with people flocking from all over the world to catch a glimpse at the ‘possessed baby’. Some people even described it as ‘something from Silent Hill’.

The tweet reads: ‘We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake.’


Some people appear to be genuinely frightened by the cute demon. One person wrote: ‘My screen flickered when I opened this pic.’ Another replied: ‘I hate everyone who liked this because now I will have nightmares. Thank you.’

The parent, orchestrating fantastic banter, added: 

On a related note, does anyone have experience with a good noise generator app? Every one that I’ve tried so far is just layers of whispered chanting in Latin instead of white noise. It still puts Finn to sleep but I don’t like it.


Don’t worry, the parent is absolutely joking. They added: ‘A lot of people are giving me legit advice here, which I appreciate but this was a joke. I actually use Relaxio and it’s really great.’

Alas, people have been offering up their advice on how to tackle demonic parenting.

One user suggested a baptism, but the parent replied: 


We did but it turned the water to blood, the priest started climbing up the walls, it was a whole thing.

Another user offered a fairly intricate solution: ‘1. Get out of the house 2. Leave the baby and leave a warning for the next owners 3. Let them buy it anyway 4. Horrors ensue 5. Find a desperate up and coming “writer” 6. sell your story 7. Go on a lavish vacation 8. Have a new baby 9. Buy a different monitor.’

Some have even likened the child to a young Homelander from Amazon Prime’s The Boys, who has a range of powers – including laser vision.


Most hilariously of all, another parent replied with their own amazing story. One night they thought there was a ghost in their baby’s cot – however, they’d just left the sticker on with a stock image of a child.

Still, maybe book an exorcism – just to be safe.

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