Parents Who Brutally ‘Pranked’ Their Kids Blasted For Child Abuse

by : UNILAD on : 21 Mar 2017 17:50

Parents have been slammed for child abuse after their supposed ‘prank’ left their two sons in hysterical tears and screaming in distress.


Heather and Mike, the parents, ‘pranked’ their children by screaming and swearing and pretending to be furious with them, as a joke in an attempt to become the viral sensations.

The couple insist that the videos are all in good fun, going as far to say that they are fake and staged after they came under serious fire for abusing the kids.

Watch and decide for yourself…


When interviewed by Inside Edition, Heather and Mike said:

We really never meant for any of this to be taken this way.

He wasn’t really traumatized, that’s the thing. Honestly we were all just having fun. After everything, we had a good laugh.

If we saw signs of anything like that we would get help immediately,

The couple later posted a video explaining the effect that the accusation of abuse have had on their family, and you can see it here.

People were horrified by the ‘prank’, with one commenter saying ‘Mental abuse… Just as bad as physical abuse’.

Whether it’s a joke or not, those kids were clearly distressed and upset over the whole incident.

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Inside Edition
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    Parents Defend Prank Video That Left Sons in Tears: 'We Were All Just Having Fun