Airplane Passengers Forced To Strap Down ‘Drunk’ Russian Covered In Blood

Stylish Cat/YouTube

If you think sitting next to a crying baby on a plane is bad, think again next time you fly, because you could be sitting next to this poor guy.

In-flight footage has shown how an allegedly drunk man, covered in blood, had to be restrained by passengers and flight personnel, after he became extremely distressed, screaming in Russian and punching the back of the airline seat in front of him, which was occupied by a child.

You can watch the distressing scenes in the clip below:

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The cause of his extreme reaction is unknown, however, the eye-witness who uploaded the clip to YouTube claims he was in a state of ‘extreme intoxication’. His friends argue the man was nervous as he was a first-time flyer.

The man was reportedly restrained by other passengers who put him on his back and tied his hands together with a seat belt from behind.

The troubling clip is said to have been filmed on a Red Wings flight from Russian capital Moscow to Antalya, Turkey.

When the plane eventually reached its destination, police were waiting for the bloodied man on the tarmac, reports Russian radio station, RMF Maxxx.