Peeling The Skin Off A Reticulated Python Might Be The Most Satisfying Thing You See Today

by : Daniel Richardson on : 11 Jun 2021 16:51
Peeling The Skin Off A Reticulated Python Might Be The Most Satisfying Thing You See Today@animalan/TikTok

A video of a snake keeper peeling the skin off a reticulated python is doing the rounds, and it’s oddly satisfying viewers. 

Snakes shed their skin for multiple reasons, most commonly because they are growing. However, skin can also be shed because it is worn out or has parasites in it. This incredible ability might seem a little bit gross, but it is very useful.


Interestingly, seeing the skin being peeled off seems to be satisfying people on TikTok after a snake owner uploaded a video in which he removed the skin of the animal.

Check out the video here:


Alan Rodriguez, known as @animalan on TikTok, frequently posts videos of his snakes and provides information to his followers. While his videos do have a fair following, a video of him peeling the skin of a reticulated python has seen the TikTok content creator gain more than three million views.


The video shows Alan peeling the skin from the snake, and it makes a crisp sound as it peels down the animal’s body. A lot of the comments have praised how enjoyable the short video is to watch, although some have been concerned about the animal.

One commenter noted, ‘You may be hurting [the snake],’ and this sparked some discussion about whether the snake should be peeled by an owner. It seems that an expert should undertake the peeling process and this isn’t something to be done if you have a snake as a pet.

Featured Image Credit: @animalan/TikTok

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