People Are Contemplating Whether Or Not Beyoncé Has Ever Had A Jacket Potato

by : Julia Banim on : 07 Jun 2021 15:09
People Are Contemplating Whether Or Not Beyoncé Has Ever Had A Jacket Potato: beyonce/kinokomet/Instagram

There are some celebrities that you just can’t imagine doing ordinary, boring human things, like getting stuck in traffic or realising they’ve forgotten to buy milk only after they get home from the shop.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is absolutely one such celebrity, being among the very starriest of superstars. Although we know she must eat things, as all humans must, it’s hard to imagine her chowing down on the sort of hum-drum meals we non-famous mortals pop in the microwave come Wednesday teatime.


For example, it’s extremely difficult to imagine Beyoncé tucking into a buttery baked potato in front of Coronation Street, perhaps popping back into the kitchen during the ad break for another handful of grated cheese.

Beyonce at Lion King premier PA Images)PA Images

Over the course of the weekend, Manchester-based podcaster Russell Hayward took to Twitter to pose the question, ‘Do you think Beyoncé has ever had a jacket potato?’, prompting a range of varied theories and responses.

One commenter reasoned:


Early Destiny’s Child tours of the UK probably landed them [at] Spud U Like on at least one occasion. Probably went for a chilli based topping, being from Texas.

Another said: ‘You know what, yes I do but only once I think she would have tried it for the sake of it.’

Talk of course quickly turned to what toppings the 28-time Grammy Award-winner would opt for should she ever get a craving for this simple, yet unbeatably comforting midweek supper.


One person quipped: ‘If she liked it she should have put some beans on it.’

Another suggested: ‘I think she’d go for Love on top.’

Beyoncé may well have had a jacket potato at some point in her life, although, as an American, she may know them as baked potatoes. Americans tend to eat baked potatoes as a side dish rather than as a main meal, missing out completely on this most satisfying of TV dinners.


Earlier this year, Brits were forced to defend the humble jacket after Americans ‘discovered’ it via a tweet from Chrissy Teigen.

Apparently completely unaware of the joys of melting dollop after dollop of butter in fluffy. potato-y goodness, one American even went as far as to suggest those who enjoy a jacket should be ‘reported to the FBI’.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I know what I’m having for lunch…


Featured Image Credit: beyonce/kinokomet/Instagram

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