People Are Doing Something Awesome With The New £5 Notes

Mark Carney Unveils New Polymer Five Pound NoteGetty

As everyone gets super excited about the prospect of receiving their first plastic bank note a new social media campaign has gone viral…

The #firstfiver hashtag has been trending on Twitter encouraging the public to donate their first polymer fiver to the charity of their choice, reports Charity Digital News.

Mark Carney Unveils New Polymer Five Pound NoteGetty

Charities are being urged to get online and back the push after the new £5 note, which is made of polymer, entered circulation last week.

The initiative seems to have started after John Thompson, a fundraising consultant at Changing Business, tweeted asking people to give away their first new note to a good cause.

And it seems like the idea caught on as people started spreading the message across various social media using tags  Popular tags including #firstfiver, #givefive and #fivergiver.

The amount of money pledged is already well into the thousands with the figure set to rise as more charities and businesses get involved and more new notes make it into circulation.

The Institute of Fundraising and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations have backed the campaign with dozens of charities now involved as well.

Mark Carney Unveils New Polymer Five Pound NoteGetty

With the roll-out of the new notes being staggered – the new £10 note is due to enter circulation next summer – hopefully the way has been paved for even more lucrative campaigns…