People Are Eating Watermelon With Mustard And It Looks Grim

by : Daniel Richardson on : 09 Jun 2021 12:14
People Are Eating Watermelon With Mustard And It Looks Grimiamjustinvibes/yayayayummy/TikTok

Sometimes unconventional food pairings can surprise people, and the combination of watermelon and mustard is doing just this.

Whether it’s enjoying chilli and dark chocolate or peanut butter on a burger, our taste buds can be fickle. But this new food pairing is grossing out viewers on TikTok, although it’s supposed to be pretty tasty.


Combining watermelon with mustard is becoming a trend, and it has split opinion. But a lot of videos are actually praising the unique snack.

Check out a watermelon and mustard video below:


TikTok user Justin Vibes (@iamjustinvibes), who has more than seven million followers, responded to a previous video that showed someone encouraging people to try American mustard on watermelon.


When Justin tried the snack, it was clear he was surprised but ultimately seemed to be impressed with the result. In the end, Justin gave the combination an 8 out of 10, which isn’t bad considering how odd it seems.

Naturally, the comments on the post were divided. Some commented that they may try the snack as they enjoy mustard, but others weren’t convinced. The negative comments clearly showed their disapproval with statements like ‘hell nah’, ‘keep that’, and ‘no because i hate mustard’.

Whether this snack catches on remains to be seen. If it does, there could be variants like dijon mustard for the connoisseurs, and English mustard for those who want to obliterate their taste buds.

Featured Image Credit: iamjustinvibes/yayayayummy/TikTok


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