People Are Just Discovering What Chin Muscles Look Like And Are Freaking Out

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Apr 2021 16:37
People Are Just Discovering What Chin Muscles Look Like And Are Freaking OutHank Green/TikTok

When it comes to muscles, most people are more familiar with some than others.

Biceps, triceps and hamstrings are some of the first to spring to mind, but chin muscles? They’re barely on anyone’s radar.


Enter: TikTok. Thanks to the social media platform, people are now not only considering the notion that the chin actually has muscles in it, but also what those muscles look like. As it turns out, they’re pretty weird.

Vlogger and science enthusiast Hank Green discussed the previously overlooked body part in a TikTok video posted last week, in which he responded to another TikToker who questioned what caused his chin dimples.

Check out Green’s video below:


Hank explained the little crevices that can appear on your chin are created by the mentalis muscle, which he admitted is ‘very weird’. Giving some props to the TikToker who initially raised the question, Hank said: ‘You have identified correctly a weird muscle, well done!’

The fact that we have chin muscles isn’t surprising, as so much of our bodies are made of muscle. Rather, I think the reason people have become so wrapped up in the topic of chin muscles is because we’ve never had reason to really think about them before – unless you just so happen to be some sort of chin, muscle, or face enthusiast.

In his video, Hank noted that while many of the muscles in our bodies connect one bone to another bone, there are some that ‘yank on themselves’, like your heart, and others that yank on skin.


The TikToker explained: ‘In our faces, we have a bunch of muscles that do not connect to other bones. You can tell this, right? Like all this movement that faces do so that we can talk and emote and stuff – we’re not yanking on bones here.’

The mentalis muscle is one that inserts itself into the skin, and Hank helped illustrate his explanation by showing a diagram of the muscle and pointing out how you can see it ‘sticking all of its little muscle fibres into your skin’. As a result, when you contract that muscle, it ‘yanks on your skin and makes those little dimples.’


While the explanation itself is all well and good, the diagram of the muscles really freaked people out, with one TikTok user responding: ‘I refuse to believe that’s what the inside of my chin looks like. Thank you though!’

Other people took to Twitter to share their hatred for the scene, with one commenting: ‘Having a total breakdown thinking about chin muscles. This is so upsetting to me for reasons I do not understand.’

No matter how much we might wish they looked different, there’s no escaping all the weird and wonderful things that make up our bodies, so we’ll just have to learn to live with them. Or, alternatively, do our best to forget they exist.


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Hank Green/TikTok
  1. Hank Green/TikTok