People Are Losing It Over Justin Bieber’s Security Guard


Beliebers are losing their collective shit over a member of Justin Bieber’s security team at a festival in the Netherlands.

18-year-old Boy Roeles became a viral sensation after a photo of him helping keep Justin Bieber safe from his rabid fans at Pinkpop hit the web.

Roeles’ photo was eventually picked up by an Instagram account dedicated to jawlines, because why not, and he became the latest fleeting star in a list of ‘viral megastars’ who’ll be forgotten in a week.

Anyway here’s what he looks like…

Handsome right? People online certainly thought so…

Roeles is enjoying his 15 seconds of fame…

Speaking to Buzzfeed News Roeles explained his befuddlement at becoming a viral hit.

He said:

I laughed a lot and I showed it to my colleagues.

I found it very funny to see it reached so many people. I still can’t believe that I’m really the dude in the photo.

Enjoy your fame while it lasts Roeles!