People Are Milking Cucumbers On TikTok And Say It Tastes Way Better

by : Emily Brown on : 14 May 2020 10:59
People Are Milking Cucumbers On TikTok And Say It Tastes Way BetterPeople Are Milking Cucumbers On TikTok And Say It Tastes Way BetterBasicallyPerkfect/TikTok/Krista Torres/TikTok

People are milking – yes, milking – cucumbers on TikTok and claiming it tastes better than regular, unmilked cucumbers. 


Okay, I know we’ve been in quarantine and a lot of people have gone without intimate contact for a while, but I just don’t think there’s any need for everyone to start going around rubbing cucumbers.

It might already be too late though, as footage of one of the vegetables being well and truly milked has started to gain attention online.

Sure, cucumbers don’t produce milk, but they do produce some questionable white stuff when you rub them the right way, and apparently it’s the key to making them taste their best.


TikTok user ‘Basically Perkfect’ shared the unusual tip in a video last week, in which she explained she’d learned it from her sister-in-law’s husband, who is from Alabama, who in turn learned it from his grandfather.

It’s unclear whether Alabama is where the trend originated, but much like the first person to milk a cow, I don’t want to know what the person who discovered this was attempting to do.

Check out the video here:

Anyway, the TikTok user instructed her followers to cut the end off the cucumber and start rubbing it against the rest of the vegetable in circular motions; a process that causes a white substance to start leaking from the end. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.

Don’t feel bad if nothing happens for a while – with a bit of perseverance the white stuff will come eventually.

The TikToker, who described herself as a ‘master milker’, explained how the rubbing process can improve the taste, saying:


I don’t know if you’ve ever had a cucumber that’s just a little bit bitter, like it just doesn’t taste fresh – that’s because you have to milk your cucumbers.

TikTok user milking cucumbersTikTok user milking cucumbers@basicallyperkfect/TikTok

She demonstrated with a cucumber of her own, saying: ‘look at all that bitterness coming out… isn’t that gross? It look like cheese’, and pointing out that thanks to her milking the cucumber would ‘taste so fresh’.

Naturally the post received a lot of attention on TikTok, with some commenters saying it’s a well-known thing in Mexico and many long-time milkers agreeing that it really works.

After coming across the video, another TikTok user, Krista Torres, decided to try it for herself by doing a taste test before and after milking the cucumber.

Take a look here:

Krista was skeptical at first, but appeared to have her mind visibly blown after trying a slice of the milked cucumber.

She commented:

I don’t really buy it, so we’re gonna try it today and see if we can taste the difference…

Woah. Woah! Okay, maybe it’s just in my head but it’s way fresher.


Sharing her thoughts on Buzzfeed, Krista said the cucumber tasted ‘crisper, juicier, and less bitter’ post-milking, and to make sure it wasn’t a placebo effect she gave her husband two different slices to try without telling him what she’d done.

Her husband agreed the milked version tasted better, so it seems the cucumber-milkers are really on to something!

I’ve never really been a fan of cucumbers in the first place, and to be honest the thought of milking them doesn’t really make them any more appealing, but I’m sure the trick will keep many people entertained, for a variety of reasons.

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