People Are Only Just Realising Tommy Hilfiger Is A Real Person

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People Are Only Just Realising Tommy Hilfiger Is A Real Personluxurylaw/Instagram/PA Images

There are some brand names in life that you just accept without thinking too much about what the words mean, or indeed the person or people behind the name.

Although the iconic clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger remains popular among younger people, many simply haven’t clocked on to the fact that Tommy Hilfiger is an actual human being, not just a classy sportswear brand.


Not only that, but Hilfiger is still very much alive and very stylish, able to rock a peaked sports cap and shirt with the casual yet chic air that has long defined his brand.

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Many people got their first glimpse of the man himself during a recent prank video from Legendary host Law Roach.


In the vid, which was uploaded to Instagram, Roach pranked various celeb friends – including Tom Holland, Kerry Washington, Tiffany Haddish, and Hilfiger – for TikTok’s ‘I’m Busy’ challenge.

Hilfiger appeared to be at the beach at the time of the call, and could be seen against an enviable backdrop of palm trees and blue ocean.

But it wasn’t the glorious scenery that caught viewers’ attention. It was the fact that Hilfiger was there – simply existing in the world – that has really blown people’s minds.


It would seem that people either believed Hilfiger to be more of a concept than a person, or that he was a historical figure from the days of Queen Victoria. Given how established the brand is, I totally get the second assumption.

One aghast person tweeted:

Tommy Hilfiger is a person?


Another admitted:

I literally thought Tommy Hilfiger was from the 1800s. Didn’t think he was still alive.


Of course, Hilfiger – or to give him his full name, Thomas Jacob Hilfiger – is very much alive, and is only 69 years old.

He’s also led quite a life, as per a Vogue biography.

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Born in 1951, Hilfiger owned a chain of 10 specialty stores in upstate New York by the time he was just 26. By 1985, he had launched his own label and would go on to enjoy wild success, with clothing sales topping $25 million (£15 million) by 1990.

Initially, Hilfiger’s clothes were aimed at ‘campus kids’ but by the mid-nineties the brand became a firm favourite of hip-hop icons such as Snoop Dogg, with the designs becoming baggier and less preppy.

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