People Are Only Realising What The Travelodge Logo Actually Is

by : Daniel Richardson on : 04 Jul 2021 16:16
People Are Only Realising What The Travelodge Logo Actually IsPA Images

A TikTok user has blown people’s minds by revealing what the Travelodge logo actually is. 

When you go past a Travelodge, or even stay in one yourself, you probably don’t give the logo too much thought. However, TikTok user @mrcel07 has show people what the image is really intended to illustrate – and it seems many people hadn’t realised this before.


The TikTok video has quickly gone viral with people expressing their disbelief at how they missed the point of the image.

Check it out:


The video simply says, ‘How old were you when you realised the Travelodge logo is people sleeping under a duvet.’ Many revealed they were ‘today years old’ and shared what they thought it was previously.


The most common was the belief that it was hills and a sunset. With the popularity of this reading, it’s fair to say the logo is an optical illusion, with viewers seeing the double meaning of the same image. One person noted, ‘That’s why people ask what I’m talking about when I say ‘mind that hotel with the mountains as their logo’.’

Others simply said they didn’t think it meant anything and never paid it any attention.

Travelodge (PA Images)PA Images

Some comments wrote that they already knew what the Travelodge logo was, and one person added, ‘I’m proud that I actually know this lol. Found out last year when there was one next to a Starbucks I was going to.’


Fortunately, this video has made it clear what the sign is trying to depict so people won’t have to visit one close to a Starbucks to uncover its meaning.

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