People Are Pretty P*ssed Off About This Sh*tty Young Banker Advert

by : UNILAD on : 27 Apr 2016 13:36
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This is the advert which has been described as ‘the worst one in recorded history’, though I would’ve personally said it was the ‘shittest’, considering that’s what it literally is. 


Many people have suggested that bankers from every corner of this globe empty their wrathful elitist bowels all over us throughout the mind-numbing slog that is life – although you’d probably think that they’d want to pretend they didn’t, instead of ultimately advertising the fact.

But nope. This is the end product designed to promote Chartered Banker’s ‘Young Banker of the Year’ – and I guess it does just that. Though it is beyond ludicrous to think that the guys at Chartered Banker never once expected the ridicule this would so obviously result in.

And such ridicule was colossal, with thousands of people taking to Twitter to express their shock and humour towards the ad:


And then there was that one guy who was just a little bit more annoyed than everybody else:

However, the most awkward thing is – despite the fact this advert is without doubt one of the worst of all time, it has most definitely achieved its very aim.


Since being posted in tube stations across the city of London, and all over the Internet, the ad has been seen and shared a shit-load more than it ever would have had it been no more than a standard old advertisement.

So yet again, sadly, I guess the bankers win.

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  1. indy100

    Everyone is mocking this advert of a banker with the same joke