People Are Replacing Engagement Rings With Ridiculous Piercings

by : UNILAD on : 14 Mar 2018 21:43

In the age of social media everything’s about one-upmanship. A beef burger can’t just be a beef burger. It has to be a beef burger topped with bacon, chicken, shredded pork, Jaffa Cakes, syrup and sliced banana. And engagement rings can’t just be your standard ring on a finger. They have to be piercings.


Yep, people are not indulging a more subtle engagement piercing over the standard in a practise that actually isn’t so new.

Dermal or microdermal piercings can be done anywhere on the body and stand out from ear or nose piercings on the basis they can be but pretty much anywhere with a flat surface.

A piercer based out of Toronto called Martine told INSIDER:


As long as the piercer uses sterilised tools and the client does their part to keep it clean, the risk of infection is very low.

It doesn’t work for everyone. It is sometimes rejected or migrated by the body.

She added:

I think dermal engagement rings are a fun, modern way to express your love. Rings you can take off or lose. Dermals, like diamonds, are forever.

I can drink to that. As for other trends… not so much. Take the ‘halo brows’ for example.

And don’t even get me started on the McDonald’s brow…


McDonald’s brows’ are achieved when the fashionista makes their existing brows invisible using powder and concealer, then painting on faux brows as high as possible to mirror the iconic golden arches.

Something about the McDonald’s brows seems just that little bit worse to me, compared with the Nike ones from last year. Though they’re both abominations, McDonald’s brows seem extra capitalistic.

Here’s hoping by the end of the year it’ll still be acceptable to have normal eyebrows.

Could just be me being boring, though. Maybe I’ll surrender and start a whole new body hair craze.

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