People Are Sending Each Other Hilariously Random David Brent Quotes

BBC/The Office

Did you receive a strangely inappropriate text on Valentine’s day? Well you probably have Ricky Gervais to thank for it.

On Sunday morning, the controversial British comedian called for his followers to send their mates or mothers David Brent quotes.

He put out the rallying cry on Twitter and it didn’t take long before he had some returns.

If you are a fan of the original BBC series The Office then you’ll love these conversations.

And if you haven’t watched it, then you may well be compelled to do so after reading these:

Not everyone got away with it though…

One guy deviated from the task with a #KeenanQuote and, quite frankly, the reply was disturbing…

If this has reopened the Brent shaped void in your life, fear not.

The man himself will be hitting the silver screen in August of this year with his new film Life on the Road.

I’m so excited, I could just…