People Are Sharing How They Almost Won The Darwin Awards

by : Rhiannon Ingle on : 24 Sep 2021 14:53
People Are Sharing How They Almost Won The Darwin AwardsBrina Blum/Pexels/Alamy

On a Reddit forum, people are sharing the details of the ways in which they almost won the Darwin awards.

The Darwin awards, named after Charles Darwin, best known for his leading contributions to the science of evolution, are a sarcastic way to acknowledge certain individuals who have actually contributed to human progress by taking themselves out of the gene pool through their own actions.


The forum, which now has more than 18,000 comments, is titled ‘What is the stupidest way you almost died?’ and many Reddit users are chiming in on the ways in which they could’ve won the ironic prize.

People Are Sharing How They Almost Won The Darwin Awards (Alamy)Alamy

From ankle cuts to small pebbles, thousands of people flocked to the thread to share the most stupid ways in which they almost died.

‘I was visiting my mum and she had a pile of leaves in the yard so for s**** and giggles I jumped into the pile of leaves to which I discovered was hiding a bear trap which my elderly mother had placed that morning to try and catch a skunk. 79 stitches and a broken arm that was almost amputated because of how bad the break was,’ one Reddit user wrote.


‘I coughed. Dislocated my C1-C2 vertebrae and spent 6 months in a body halo. Idk how close to death that counts, but be careful when you cough,’ wrote another, continuing the chain.

Another added, ‘Cut my inner ankle on a glass cup. For those who don’t know, an artery is there and I literally sliced through it. Almost bled out. Thankfully didn’t though!’

people sharing how they almost died (Reddit)LilCRapTherapist/Reddit

‘Grown adult and choked on mozzarella cheese. Was only alone for 20 minutes. Can’t imagine the obituary,’ added another.


Another user continued, ‘Almost got my head squashed by a car due to a small pebble making me fall on the main road.

‘Stuck my head out the car window bc I wanted to see why dogs loved it. My grandpa didn’t notice, rolled up the window, and I choked,’ another contender for the Darwin Awards wrote.

Another Reddit user added, ‘Literally today, getting undressed to shower and as my pants fell to my ankles I went to step out of them and tripped, almost walloped my head on the sink.’

Be careful out there folks, you never know when you might be nominated for a Darwin award.


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