People Are Suggesting New Jobs For Katie Hopkins


This morning, the world cheered for joy when subhuman controversy for cash mouth Katie Hopkins got fired from LBC with immediate effect.

Following on from the attrocities which took place in Manchester on Monday night, Katie Hopkins roared as only she can do that a ‘final solution’ was needed presumably referring to the Nazis’ plan to exterminate the Jews and many more.

The statement rather quickly resulted in her sacking leading Twitter users to come up with one of the finer trends in recent years: #SuggestNewJobsForHopkins.

As I’m sure you can imagine – Twitter users were rather quick to come up with some solutions to Katie Hopkin‘s unemployment, not that she’ll need the extra dollar.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

But remember – there are some worrying factors to take into account.

Hopkins, who certainly isn’t very clever, clearly came to fame when she noticed a gap in the market for selling her soul to spout out the most pestilential and vicious comments about the most tragic of events – all to spark outrage, resulting in interest, resulting in money.

Hopefully the above list of potential jobs will inspire Katie to leave verbal filth and opt for something more suited to her.