People Are Trying To Figure Out If Trump Wore His Trousers Backwards

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People Are Trying To Figure Out If Trump Wore His Trousers BackwardsPA Images

Donald Trump is often a hot topic on social media, but this time the attention isn’t as much on his controversial comments or outlandish opinions; rather, it’s on his trousers. 

The former president travelled to North Carolina this weekend to address Republicans at the party’s annual state convention, marking the first stop on a summer tour that is also expected to include rallies and fundraisers.


Trump spoke for nearly 90 minutes at the event, but the moment that many people have honed in on appeared to take place when he emerged from behind the podium at the end of his speech.

Check it out below, and see if you can spot what’s wrong with the scene:

The moment was shared online by Twitter user Brandon Friedman, saying that the video ‘can’t be shared enough’ and explaining, ‘Donald Trump gave his big speech today with his pants on backwards. Look close and tell me I’m wrong.’


While taking a close look at Trump’s trousers might be the last thing you want to spend your weekend doing, it does indeed appear as if Trump’s trousers are missing the telltale button and zipper that would usually feature on a pair of suit trousers.

Donald Trump speaking at the White House (PA Images)PA Images

Now, as someone who regularly appeared in suits during his time in office and throughout his career as a businessman, you’d think Trump would be relatively confident in putting on a pair of trousers, or at least that he’d have someone close by to let him know if he’d got it wrong.

With that in mind, the idea that he could have somehow put on this particular pair backwards seems hard to believe, and yet the footage makes it difficult to argue with.


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Twitter users are now on a mission to figure out whether the scene has captured the former president in the midst of a fashion blunder, with Friedman adding, ‘If this turns out to be a fake video I’m gonna be so mad.’

One social media user claimed the apparent lack of a zipper was down to the lighting in the video, noting that ‘stills from local news show a zipper’, but others were less convinced, with one commenting, ‘That looks pretty legit.’


Offering a possible explanation, they continued:

The numerous folds too that’s what dress pants do right under the ass when you wear them.

So he was wearing them correctly. Then took them off like laid them on a chair, had some pantless nap time, got up to do the speech and put them on backwards.

Though it seems unlikely that Trump would walk out on stage with his trousers on backwards, the video has certainly kept curious Twitter users busy!


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