People Baffled After Discovering How Blueberries Are Really Picked

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People Baffled After Discovering How Blueberries Are Really Pickedu/BufordTeeJustice/Reddit

The internet has been left completely baffled after recently discovering just how blueberries are actually picked for eating. 

Blueberries can often be a risky fruit choice due to the possibility of being squished and squashed in their packets, resulting in a less than satisfying fruity burst as they enter your mouth.


However, bar the surprise of whether you managed to pick a good one or not, people on Reddit have been left bamboozled over how the berries are picked.

PRODUCTION - 27 July 2021, Gelder-Walbeck: Blueberries lie in a bucket on the plantation. The cultivation of blueberries has increased in recent years. New cultivation methods have contributed to this, but also consumer demand for the fruit, which is praised as a superfood. (to dpa: "Blueberries high in demand - harvest has begun") -Arnulf Stoffel/DPA/PA ImagesPA

In a video shared on the thread ‘Damn, That’s Interesting!’, a man can be seen harvesting the fruit by taking a weirdly shaped grated contraption, which looks almost like a metal dustpan or ‘the claw’ from Toy Story.

Indeed, this claw is similarly mighty, for as the man sweeps it through the bushes, hundreds, if not thousands of the berries are collected onto its tray.


Thousands of juicy blueberries resultantly lie in the large red collecting bucket, ready to be consumed, having been harvested only from a fraction of the land.

The Reddit post has since amassed tens of thousands of upvotes and comments, with users flooding to the post to share their own blueberry-picking tales. One said: ‘The small of my back hurts just from watching this’.

Another wrote:


I spent summers in Maine doing this for extra money. Backbreaking work but, you could eat blueberries allllll day and get a nice tan. Whenever you came across a bees nest you would just throw a giant bucket over the bees nest and everyone would know to not go near the bucket, not to mention the crazy spiders you would come across too, I’d nope my way over to the next section. Wild Maine blueberries are life.


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A third commented: ‘I didn’t know there was a blueberry ground cover. In the PNW they’re bushes taller than you are’.

Well, I now know the next activity which is going on my To-Do list – wholesome blueberry picking in the sunny countryside, if the UK weather permits it.

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u/BufordTeeJustice / Reddit
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    I don’t know how I expected them to pick blueberries but this wasn’t it.