People Cannot Believe There Are Four People In This Mind-Boggling Photo

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Feb 2021 18:29
People Cannot Believe There Are Four People In This Mind-Boggling PhotoBalrogBunghole/Reddit

A photo showing four people clinking their drinks together has gone viral as social media users try desperately to spot the fourth person. 

We’ve all seen the jokes about when people wear camouflage, right? Some poor soul opts for some camo-printed trousers or gloves only to be met with comments of, ‘Woah, what happened to your legs?’ and ‘Oh my god, where are your hands?’


I’m sure it’s entirely unamusing for the person who’s actually subject to the jokes, but as cheesy and terrible as they are, admittedly they never get old.

This week, however, the tables have turned. Everyone who owns a piece of camouflage clothing is laughing, and the joke is on everyone who dared mock the khaki-coloured design.

It all started on the Reddit thread ‘r/confusingperspective’, where a user posted a photo with the caption, ‘My brain refuses to believe there are four people in this photo.’


The image is taken from the perspective of one of the people involved, and shows a group clinking together their miniature bottles of alcohol. Seems fairly straightforward, right? Well, it’s not. You see, there are four bottles in the photo, and it’s clear that each person is holding their own bottle. Only, it looks as if there are only three arms in the photo.

Check it out below:

Social media users have had their minds blown by the image, with one writing, ‘I’m confused… why are there only “3” arms, yet “4” bottles?’


Another wrote, ‘i thought the bottle on the middle was floating [sic].’

Though it might take some real scrutiny to realise it, I can confirm that there isn’t any magic or witchcraft going on in the image. As I mentioned earlier, all those camouflage stans are now laughing because the fourth person’s arm is concealed by their camo jacket, which blends into the background behind.

After figuring out the picture, one Twitter user wrote, ‘It’s amazing how the brain works…I kept looking and just assumed one guy was taking two shots until you highlighted the camouflage…now it’s all sooo clear..’


Many social media attempted to regain the upper hand by joking that this is the only instance that camouflage has worked as intended, but I think it’s time to admit defeat; there’s no denying the camo won this round.

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