People Can’t Get Over How Much Jeff Bezos Looks Like The Stonks Meme Guy

by : Mike Williams on : 28 Aug 2020 18:15
People Can't Get Over How Much Jeff Bezos Looks Like The Stonks Meme GuyPA Images/Know Your Meme

No one is safe when it comes to ridicule on the internet, least of all filthy rich billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Not only does Jeff Bezos now reportedly have a personal wealth of $200 billion, but his company – Amazon, you may have heard of it – is worth an estimated market value of $1.14 trillion.


With such riches comes a lot of attention. And in true meme fashion, the internet has gone for him – and said memes have been relentless, as people started to note just how much the Amazon CEO looked like the stonks meme guy.

If you’re unfamiliar with this creepy-looking dude, simply put it is a a weird image of the esteemed Meme Guy stood in front of stocks, and the meme with the word ‘stonks’ was born.

Recently, people have been gathering all these hilarious Bezos memes to illustrate just how much Bezos looks like stonks guy. And the similarity is striking.


Yep, it’s uncanny…

The internet did what it does best. Bezos, memed.


The ripping was mercilness, it was cruel, but also funny.


The Amazon owner was reduced to this…


And people in turn responded to the memes with reactions which were only painfully accurate.


And utilised other memes to perfection.


So there we have it. When the internet comes for you, it really comes for you.

Only, it’s hard to have any real empathy for the 56-year-old multi-billionaire who has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with (other than invest it all in space travel).

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