People Debate What ‘British Things’ They Have Never Done

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People Debate What 'British Things' They Have Never DoneAlamy

Us Brits are known for some weird and wonderful things, however, people have debated just what ‘British things’ they have still never quite felt the urge to join in on. 

From meal deals to an unhealthy obsession with Gregg’s sausage rolls, Brits are known for harbouring some strange habits.


While some might say Brits are known for going to the pub, usually a Wetherspoons, far too often, resulting in unruly or just outright bizarre behaviour, what ‘British things’ have people still not yet got round to trying, to get down on our level?

British fans hold up Union Jack flags surrounded by crowds of sports supporters seem en mass during the canoe slalom heats at the Lee Valley White Water Centre, north east London, on day 3 of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Alamy

One Redditer, u/NobleRotter, took to the platform to begin the thread, admitting to fellow users they had never bought a meal deal. Cue an immediate gasp in horror and nationwide debate as to which meal deal reigns supreme (clearly Morrisons). On the topic of meal deals, Sainsbury’s can quite frankly get in the bin, for too many times have I been tricked into buying a sandwich that wasn’t actually included in the deal and been charged twice the price for it (rant over).

The Redditer attributed the mega meal deal as being one of ‘a few modern British cultural phenomenons’ they have often heard discussed, but found themselves unable to ‘relate to’.


They also went on to condemn themselves further in the eyes of Brits by revealing that they broke their Gregg’s virginity in only 2019 and haven’t been to a Spoons in a while either.

The Redditer then questioned other users as to what ‘British things’ they had never done.

The post has since received thousands of upvotes and comments, with other users flooding weighing in on the debate. One said: ‘Never stolen a pint glass from a pub.’


Americans Are Debating Things That Brits Do Which They Think Are Strange

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Another wrote: 

I’ve never rung on someone’s door bell and run away/ stolen a traffic cone.

A third commented: ‘Never gone to Wetherspoon’s at 10am for a pint!’

Wetherspoons pub at the Metrocentre. (Alamy)Alamy

Another user decided to poke fun at the current fuel crisis which is occurring, snidely joking how they had ‘never panic-bought petrol’.

One thing’s for sure, is the thread certainly shows that Brits have some peculiar and questionable habits, which we are indeed heavily condemned for.

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u/NobleRotter/ Reddit
  1. u/NobleRotter/ Reddit

    I've never bought a meal deal. What British thing have you never done?